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Vitality Netball Superleague: Melissa Bessell thrilled by Severn Stars’ 2022 roster | Netball News

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Liana Leota, England Roses technical coach and former Silver Fern, Cat Tuivaiti will both take to court in 2022; Michelle Drayne moves from London Pulse, Katie Harris from Wasps and Summer Artman joins from Team Bath Netball

Last Updated: 13/10/21 5:27pm

Liana Leota will return for another season at Stars and be joined by fellow New Zealander Cat Tuivaiti (Image credit: Ben Lumley)

Severn Stars head coach Melissa Bessell cannot wait to get started with a « powerhouse team » as she announces her full 2022 Vitality Netball Superleague roster.

Bessell has combined together experienced players like the England Vitality Roses technical coach, Liana Leota, and former Silver Fern, Cat Tuivaiti alongside young and upcoming talent.

The head coach has secured a number of new signatures during the off-season with Katie Harris joining from Wasps and Nicole Humphries from Surrey Storm.

Also, Summer Artman has swapped Team Bath Netball for Stars and Michelle Drayne arrives from London Pulse.

« This is a powerhouse team and I can’t wait to get started, » Bessell said. « I know that the team I have pulled together is not just exciting, but has calibre, spirit and experience.

« I am bringing together so much contrasting talent, which means I can choose incredible and show-stopping talent while changing the whole dynamics of the game. For me, that’s really exhilarating.

« Every athlete that’s playing for Stars this year, I made sure was there for a purpose and to really make us a great team. I am proud of pulling this off.

Severn Stars’ 2022 Vitality Netball Superleague Squad

Liana Leota Cat Tuivaiti  Michelle Drayne
Katie Harris Nicole Humphries Summer Artman
Paige Reed  Dee Bolakoro Iman Thomas
Bethan Dyke Lucy Herdman Issy Eaton
Jane Taylor Chloe Carchrie Elisha New

« I have got a solid base of people that were there last year, players that have been with me and know me. Then, I have handpicked the others to add volume and enhance us as a group. »

« The fun will start when we bring this team together, start experimenting with combinations and watch this team grow and assemble into something very special. »

Melissa Bessell

One of the names that will catch the eye of the rest of the league is that of Tuivaiti, who joined the Severn Stars coaching staff last year, but will be taking to the court in 2022.

The shooter, who has previously played for Strathclyde Sirens in the Superleague and for top sides in New Zealand and Australia, is looking forward to the season.

« Being able to take the court again in the Superleague, this time as a mum, is terrifying and exciting, » Tuivaiti said. « I’ve always loved a challenge and this will be my biggest one so far. »

Cat Tuivaiti's tricks and flicks were exceptional when she played for Strathclyde Sirens

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Cat Tuivaiti’s tricks and flicks were exceptional when she played for Strathclyde Sirens

Cat Tuivaiti’s tricks and flicks were exceptional when she played for Strathclyde Sirens

Among the familiar names for Stars’ fans are shooter Paige Reed, who has re-signed for her fourth season, Fiji international Dee Bolakoro and Iman Thomas.

In mid-court, Bethan Dyke has re-signed and remains on the comeback following an ACL injury during the 2021 season. Lucy Herdman will also be returning for another season.

The 17-year-old shooter Issy Eaton, who has recently been selected for the England Roses academy squad for 21/22 and U21 Netball Europe squad, is also brought into the Stars’ main Superleague squad after being a training partner last season.

Severn Stars Squad: Liana Leota, Cat Tuivaiti, Michelle Drayne, Katie Harris, Nicole Humphries, Summer Artman, Paige Reed, Dee Bolakoro, Iman Thomas, Bethan Dyke, Lucy Herdman, Issy Eaton, Jane Taylor, Chloe Carchrie and Elisha New.

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