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Mark Selby threatens to quit snooker after ‘pathetic’ defeat to Gary Wilson in Tour Championship | Snooker News

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« I will give the World Championship a go, but if I keep playing like that, I’m not going to carry on, » said Mark Selby after his defeat to Gary Wilson in the Tour Championship on Tuesday

Last Updated: 02/04/24 9:37pm

Mark Selby described his performance against Gary Wilson as ‘pathetic’

Four-time world champion Mark Selby threatened to quit snooker after losing in the Tour Championship to Gary Wilson, who also described his winning performance as « embarrassing ».

Wilson sealed a 10-8 victory with a clearance of 105, but both players were scathing about their performance in Manchester.

« I mean I was pathetic really, from start to finish, » Selby told ITV4. « Probably one of the worst games I’ve played as a professional. Definitely up there for sure.

« If I carry on playing like that, then yeah, I won’t be enjoying it and I will be choosing a different career for sure.

« Neither of us played great in the second session, Gary played well on Monday and deserved his 5-3 lead. Today neither of us played great. I was like that all match. I deserved to lose.

« I will give the World Championship a go, but if I keep playing like that, I’m not going to carry on. »

Wilson believes he will have to improve ahead of his quarter-final against Zhang Anda, telling ITV4: « I don’t know how I won to be honest. I’m just thankful Mark didn’t play very well because I was embarrassing.

« The cue action wasn’t even there yesterday – it may have looked a bit better but I just felt deep down all along, I was struggling. I was hitting everything really quick and snatchy and just tried to keep plugging away. »

Reminded that he had made breaks of 95, 98, 78 and 101 in taking a 5-3 lead from Monday’s opening session and must therefore have been cueing well, Wilson replied: « Incorrect.

« I was not cueing very well at all but I can score when I’m not cueing well. That was feeling really bad and it was feeling even worse today and that’s why I missed so many easy balls, gave him so many chances and lifelines.

« Really, if I’d been playing decent and Mark had played as bad as he did there, I should have won that 10-3, 10-4. It was that bad it became really close and I’m just thankful he didn’t play very well either.

« I’m not enjoying it but we go again on Thursday and I’m just hoping I can find something between now and then. »

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