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Yankees manager Aaron Boone reacts to ’embarrassing’ ejection

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New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone called his first-inning ejection « embarrassing » following the team’s 2-0 home loss to the Oakland Athletics on Monday.

Boone added that he plans to follow up with MLB regarding home plate umpire Hunter Wendelstedt’s questionable decision to toss him.

« It’s embarrassing. It really is a bad … it’s embarrassing, » Boone said.

Boone explained what happened before he was ejected and continued to give his take on the situation.

« Again, (Wendelstedt) came at me hard and I really didn’t have issue him other than saying, ‘You can make that call too,’ to which he made his point of ,’Hey, I gotta see this’ and I said, ‘OK, good.’ I kind of gave him a thumbs up and stood down. I mean, look, I think everybody saw what happened, » Boone said, adding that, « Obviously, it was not right. »

The situation began just moments into the top of the first inning after Boone questioned if A’s leadoff hitter Esteury Ruiz checked his swing after getting hit by a pitch. Wendelstedt responded with, « You’re not yelling at me, I did what I was supposed to do … You got anything else to say, you’re gone. »

The camera stayed focused on the Yankees’ leader while the broadcasters talked about the heated warning. The broadcast showed Boone giving Wendelstedt a thumbs up and standing quietly when the microphones picked up the ejection.

Boone came out of the dugout, telling the umpire that whatever barking had happened was said from a fan in the stands.

Soon after, the YES network broadcast showed a replay of a fan in question yelling something at Wendelstedt right before Boone’s ejection.

« I didn’t (hear what the fan said). I heard somebody yell, but again, I was standing down and I heard, ‘You’re gone, Aaron.’ That’s when I was like, I couldn’t believe it, » Boone said.

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