avril 23, 2024

The Suns are dangerously close to dominating the NBA — but they’re not there yet

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The Phoenix Suns have enough to contend for the NBA championship. Its trio of Kevin Durant, Bradley Beal and Devin Booker can compete with any defensive team in the league. 

However, the NBA has shifted away from its « Big Three » era, where pairing stars together was enough to be a championship team. Instead, teams are winning based on balance, depth, and high-end talent bolstered by the role players around them. As such, the Suns have struggled to keep pace with some of the more robust teams in the Western Conference. 

ESPN’s Tim Legler believes the Suns are underachieving. On Tuesday’s episode of « First Take, » he noted that he’s been unimpressed with the team’s recent production and believes they’re capable of more than what they’re currently showing. 

« I have been trashing the Suns for the last few weeks, » Legler said. « …At minimum, they should be considered a legitimate title contender. Nobody is talking about the Phoenix Suns in that vein. »

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