février 21, 2024

Rohan Browning mullet cut, qualifying for Paris 2024 in 100m sprint

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Five months out from Paris 2024, Australian sprinting king Rohan Browning means business.

After narrowly missing out on qualifying for the final during Toyko 2020, the 26-year-old is ready to take the next step in a few months’ time.

Browning’s personal best of 10.01 seconds for the 100m sprint is so close to the entry standard of 10.00.

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« (It was) my best-ever run. I just know I have to improve a couple of per cent. It sounds so straight forward and the reality is, it obviously isn’t, » Browning told 9News on Sunday.

Reflecting on his time in Tokyo three years ago during the COVID-19 pandemic, the New South Welshman from Crows Nest is ready for an even bigger taste in Paris.

Rohan Browning. (Casey Sims/Athletics Australia)

« Tokyo was a really special experience for me, my first Olympics. But obviously the eeriness of the stadium is super weird, » he said.

« Paris will be pure magic. »

He knows it won’t be that easy to break that 10-second barrier, but this time around, he’s got a support network who will be able to ride each bump with the Australian with him overseas.

It will be a far cry from his Tokyo experience, with no fans allowed in the stands and no families in attendance to support the athletes.

« I’m pretty optimistic and just excited about being back out there, » Browning said.

« Needless to say I better qualify, or I’m going to have a lot of explaining to do. A lot of people are going to be out of pocket a lot of money.

« It will be really special to share those moments with them. »

There is no crazy method to shave that extra bit of time off his personal best, but a haircut may just be the answer.

Despite being known for his iconic mullet during Tokyo 2020, he declares he is « more mature » and ready to make a fresh appearance, with or without the extra hair.

« Fast-forward three years from Tokyo and I’ve entered a more mature phase of my life. I think I’ve left it (the mullet) behind. It’s much more refined, » Browning said.

« It’s not particularly aerodynamic as it is. I’m certainly overdue for a haircut. It’s on my radar! »

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