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How to get Jack Grealish hair: Manchester City star’s cut and what style to ask for

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Standing out matters in football and first impressions count. It is hardly surprising then that some footballers have a keen awareness of their image.

With socks hung impossibly low around his calf muscles and a trademark hairstyle, the England star cuts an unmistakeable figure. Goal takes a look at Grealish’s hair cut, what you should ask for and how to style it.

What is the Jack Grealish hair cut?

The hair cut Grealish has sported for much of his career is known as an undercut. 

In an undercut, the back and sides are shaved very short, with the hair at the top left considerably longer. At the back, the hair is blended in to the top, with the top then slicked back to complete the look.

If the top hair is not slicked back, it can also hang around the face and sides to form curtains, which was a popular style sported by David Beckham during the 1990s.

As well as Grealish, fans of the television shows Peaky Blinders or Boardwalk Empire may associate the look with the characters Arthur Shelby or Jimmy Darmody.


How to ask your barber for a Jack Grealish hair cut

Ask your barber to give you an undercut using a grade one clipper length, leaving approximately five to six inches on top.

If you are keen to avoid confusion, it is also advisable to bring a photo of the type of hair cut you want so the barber knows exactly what to do.

You will, of course, need to have some length on your hair in order to get a hair cut that truly resembles Grealish. If your hair is short, you will have to let it grow out a little first.

After you have had your undercut in the style of Grealish, it is generally a good idea to get your hair cut every two to three weeks in order to maintain the look.




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How does Jack Grealish style his hair?

After you have had your hair cut like Grealish, you will have to style it accordingly too. You’ll need a few accessories, including a hairdryer and a hairbrush, as well as some products.

Grealish himself explained what he does with his hair during a 2021 interview with ‘The Lions’ Den’.

« A little bit of shampoo and conditioner, have it in for a couple of minutes – get the shower gel on and at the end wash it out, » said the England international. « When I get out of the shower I dry it, then I put Moroccan oil in it, whack the hairdryer out, get the hairbrush and in front of the mirror, do my trim.

« When my hair is dry I put hair bond in it, like a wax, to style it, then a bit of hairspray at the end to hold it. So three things: I use Moroccan oil, hair bond wax and the hairspray. »


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If you don’t have time to style the hair to perfection, another option is to wear a headband or an ‘Alice band’ in order to keep it in place.

Grealish regularly dons the ‘Alice band’ while playing as it helps to keep his hair out of his face and it is something that Beckham also did during his playing days.

Alternatively, if your hair is a bit too unruly, you could slip on a hat! 

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