octobre 4, 2023

Clock is ticking on the Sean Payton-Russell Wilson marriage

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With the Broncos 0-2, it’s time to start wondering how long head coach Sean Payton will allow quarterback Russell Wilson to hold the team back.

If Denver’s first ride with Wilson resembled a broken-down station wagon, this year it’s a roller coaster.

In Week 1’s 17-16 loss to the Las Vegas Raiders, Wilson was an efficient 27-of-34 (79.4 percent) but unspectacular, only averaging 5.2 yards per attempt. 

He connected on a couple of deep bombs in Week 2’s 35-33 loss to the Washington Commanders, averaging an impressive 9.6 yards per attempt. His accuracy, however, took a hit as he only connected on 18-of-32 attempts (56.3 percent).

Payton lamented the offense’s inefficient effort after the game, saying Wilson needs to be « sharper, » particularly when calling out plays in the huddle. 

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