mai 29, 2023

Super Bowl-winning coach bashes NFL rule change

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Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid blasted the NFL on Wednesday for recently approving a controversial rule change regarding fair catches and touchbacks.

The league passed a proposal on Tuesday that will see fair catches made anywhere between the goal line and 25-yard line result in the ensuing drive starting at the 25. The apparent reason for the change (which is being instituted on a one-year trial run) is « player safety, » but critics aren’t buying it.

The criticism of this fair catch rule change comes along at the same time as other negative feedback to rule alterations, including « Thursday Night Football » flexing.

Numerous former NFL players called out the league for the fair catch adjustment on Monday, including media personality Pat McAfee. The ex-Indianapolis Colts punter called Tuesday’s news « a joke, » but praised Reid on Wednesday for his response.

Retired return specialist Brian Mitchell was another former player to bash the ruling, asking « Why is it that they’re still trying to act as if this is where all the concussions are coming from? »

Mitchell added that « there’s a person every week going down on all sides of the ball, but people (hear) that narrative and fall for it. » The 1995 Pro Bowler and First-Team All-Pro called it « a bunch of crap. »

Though the league has changed since McAfee last played in 2016 – and even more so since Mitchell last suited up 20 years ago – their words speak volumes and shouldn’t be ignored. With 22 combined playing seasons in the NFL, the duo likely know what they’re talking about.

Now entering his 25th season on the sidelines, Reid, meanwhile, has gained a reputation as one of the NFL’s most respected head coaches and figures to influence how other coaches see the issue.

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