mai 27, 2024

Rams GM shares details about Stetson Bennett’s absence

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Stetson Bennett was essentially absent from the Los Angeles Rams for all of 2023, with the team giving few details about his status. In a new interview, Rams GM Les Snead offered a few details on what Bennett was dealing with.

In a recent interview with News19 in Alabama, Snead suggested that Bennett was dealing with some burnout following his college career, and that the Rams wanted to give him some time to get himself right.

“I know this: Last year was very beneficial for him. I think he took advantage of that year away from the game,” Snead said, via Cameron DaSilva of Rams Wire. “You know what, he’s an exhausted human being based on everything he had done to walk on, to go to JUCO, to come back, to turn down small schools, say ‘I’m going to try to do this Georgia thing.’ To win a job, then to win the thing, and then to determine, ‘I’m going to come back.’ And when you come back, it’s really win it again or you failed. And that does take a toll on a human being, so I was jacked for Stetson to be able to take that moment and breathe a little bit.”

Bennett does appear to be back with the Rams, as the team had expected. The team had been very quiet on the nature of Bennett’s absence, with coach Sean McVay simply requesting privacy last year.

Based on what Snead said, Bennett might have essentially been burned out. The former fourth-round pick now has had about a year away from football, and the Rams are expecting him to return feeling reinvigorated.

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