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Caroline Dubois: Chantelle Cameron ‘definitely’ knocked Katie Taylor down in undisputed title fight | Boxing News

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Chantelle Cameron should have been awarded a knockdown against Katie Taylor, says lightweight contender Caroline Dubois.

In the first round of their undisputed super-lightweight championship fight, Cameron seemed to pop Taylor off her feet with an innocuous looking jab.

The referee ruled that it was a slip and did not award Cameron a knockdown. Cameron went on to lose her 140lb titles to Taylor on a majority decision.

Chantelle Cameron was not awarded a knockdown in the first round

But Dubois believes a knockdown should have been scored for Cameron. « It was definitely a knockdown. I watched it back. It was kind of a weird punch, » Dubois told Sky Sports News.

« Nothing landed flush on the chin, nothing landed flush to the head but it was a punch that caused her to fall down. There was no stepping on the feet, there was no twisting of the ankle. It was a clean punch. »

Taylor’s victory meant she added Cameron’s undisputed super-lightweight title to the undisputed crown the Irish star already held at 135lbs.

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« It was a great fight. I thought she performed really well. I think she’s very good at winning, » Dubois said of Taylor. « She knows how to win fights.

« She knew how to just throw enough to get six rounds and just ride it through to the last four.

« I think Chantelle will definitely be calling for the trilogy fight and there will be massive interest in the Amanda Serrano fight.

« So she [Taylor] has got a lot of options and obviously I’ll be the one waiting as well. I’m No 1 in two of the governing bodies [at lightweight]. »

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Taylor’s lightweight titles are the belts Dubois, already rated the No 1 contender with both the WBC and the IBF, is gunning for.

« That’s a fight that I would love. It’s all up to her and with what she’s achieved as a fighter, with what she’s achieved in her career, she’s got the ability to make a decision and pick which route she wants to take, » Dubois said.

As legendary as Taylor is in the sport, it’s a contest Dubois would be determined to win.

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« If I went into a Katie Taylor fight I would be stepping into the ring with 1000 per cent belief that I would walk away with the victory, » she declared.

« I’m not trying to be arrogant or disrespectful. I genuinely do believe that I’ll be able to get the win but it’s all a matter of timing and whether it happens and if it happens I’ll be there ready and waiting.

« That’s a fight that I want. I genuinely believe it’s a fight that I’m capable of winning. »

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