Alycia Baumgardner: Independent test proves I’m not a drug cheat, despite ‘adverse analytical finding’ after world title win | Boxing News

Alycia Baumgardner has claimed an independent test she has undertaken has proven she is ‘not a cheat’, despite returning an ‘adverse analytical finding’ after her world title win over Christina Linardatou.

Baumgardner defeated Linardatou by unanimous decision to retain her WBC, WBO, WBA and IBF super-featherweight belts in Detroit on July 15.

But the American’s promotional company, Matchroom Boxing, confirmed after that she registered an adverse finding for mesterolone and methenolone acetate metabolites in a random test.

In a statement issued via social media shortly after Matchroom had confirmed the news, Baumgardner denied taking any illegal substances and vowed to clear her name.

On Monday, she released a statement saying her team had sent a « 22-page technical report » to the boxing’s governing bodies, which she says « conclusively rule out ANY possibility of intentional doping ».

She also added: « I have and never would cheat in the sport that I love…. and I consider this issue resolved. I am moving forward with my career. I am once again, Ready to Fight. »

Matchroom have not issued an updated statement. Neither have the WBC, WBA, WBO or IBF.

Baumgardner statement: I have never taken performance-enhancing drugs

« Today, I am proud to announce that an independent test of a sample of my hair by a reputable laboratory examined the time period from June through August of 2023 and has NOT DETECTED mesterolone or any other endogenous steroid in my body. As you read this statement, these results have been provided to the sanctioning bodies, » Baumgarder said.

« These results conclusively rule out ANY possibility of intentional doping on my behalf and confirms for all of you that I am what I say I am. What I’ve stated from the very beginning is still true: I never have and never would cheat in the sport that I love and that I’ve been blessed with the gifts and opportunity to competitively dominate.

« As many of you know, a few months ago, I was stunned by news of an adverse analytical finding (AAF) attributed to a drug test that I had taken. After that news broke, I asserted to the world that I have never knowingly taken any performance enhancing drug, but I still found myself being accused of cheating. I take my integrity and my reputation seriously, and I would never cheat.

« So, those accusations hurt, not only because they were untrue, but also because of what they were falsely telling all who look up to me. These false accusations threatened my reputation and most importantly my ability to accomplish the goals I set long ago to make an impact on this world by being a beacon of inspiration to all who need hope to keep moving forward.

« Nevertheless, because I know me, I immediately rejected the very idea of what this AAF implied. I took it upon myself to learn the facts and got to work. I researched and consulted with knowledgeable friends and experts to fully understand the situation I was in.

The 29-year-old American is the undisputed super-featherweight champion

« I learned how urine samples should and should not be handled; how they can yield false results and how unreliable urine testing can be. I learned about fairness, due process, and my rights as an athlete. I learned a lot. As a result, I gained full confidence in my ability to thoroughly and categorically defend myself against the ignorance and accusations.

« Last month, my team and I provided the sanctioning bodies a 22-page (not including 14 technical references) technical report to show in great detail how and why the AAF should not and cannot be trusted nor considered as accurate. To date, this comprehensive document is still being reviewed by the sanctioning bodies. But last week, I promised you « BIG NEWS, » so here it is.

« I welcome the sanctioning bodies to continue their review in accordance with their processes; however, as of today, I consider this issue resolved. I am moving forward with my career. I am once again Ready to Fight. I’ve instructed my management to begin negotiating for my next undisputed title defense. One of the most naturally gifted athletes that women’s boxing has ever seen is back. The Queen is coming! »

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